About M. C. Topham

Blog pics 008M. C. Topham is currently 17 years of age, and lives with both of her parents and three siblings, two of them younger than herself. She just moved in Utah, onto a 3 acre property, and has been using that to her advantage by getting three bunnies, a goat, and has been taking care of four stray cats -on top of the cat, and dog, her and her family had before. (I sure do love animals!)

She has been home schooled for the last eight years. (wow! I did not know it has been that long!) but she is going to school this year.

She has got her first book edited and published, and is super duper excited to get it out into the world! (and maybe a little freaked out…)

She is planning on getting a Massage License after her graduating High School year, and a Zoology Minor, and Major in Literary Arts when she goes to College.

(If you have any comments or tips about my blog, then please feel free to share! I always love to read what people think, and if you want to know something about me or something I do, then ask and I may share!)


3 thoughts on “About M. C. Topham

  1. Love reading your writing , M.C. I met you a while ago ! I’m sure you must remember ‘!
    I agree with your statement that
    ” your writing is from something bigger than you …”. Seems as if it is your “calling ,!”. God’s gift to you !
    suggest you read Anne Dillard about Writing ! Tip have no doubt you’ll do : Daily Just Show Up to write !

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